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4 Factors to Consider for Roofing Decisions

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

While sometimes overlooked, there are several factors to consider when deciding next steps for your roofing project. That's why we love to help guide and educate our clients so they can feel confident in all their roofing project or home renovation decisions. We have helped many clients in the northern Virginia, West Virginia, and surrounding DMV / Washington DC area consider all factors for their residential roofing project, from materials to budget and more.

Here are our fast 4:

Factor 1: House Location

You may like the aesthetic appeal of a certain roofing style and material, but would it survive your location? Consider the environmental factors at play and the physical location of your home. Is it set back in the woods surrounded by trees? Is it up high on a mountain with high wind speeds? What are the typical weather conditions in your area?

Factor 2: Budget

Everyone would choose top-of-the-line, premium materials if they could afford the investment! If you can afford it, there is a great benefit to premium materials that will save you money down the line, providing a better weather-proofing seal, more efficient temperature regulation and moisture levels, resisting leaks, and ultimately keeping your inhabitants safe and secure from all external elements. For those who can't afford it, we are happy to help navigate the best scenario for their needs. For some, a solid quality but more budget-friendly material can meet their project's need paired with a regular maintenance and inspection plan for upkeep.

Factor 3: Aesthetic Appeal

Everyone has a preference for style when it comes to their home. One factor to consider is how the style fits in with the surrounding community or development. Will the roof stick out like a sore thumb? Will the roof make a stylish statement while complimenting the aesthetic appeal of the neighboring homes / businesses? Will it blend in with the rest of the structure to better compliment other features of the home? Any other features to consider for your project like skylighting, rooftop gardens, etc.?

Factor 4: Maintenance / Upkeep

What do you want maintenance to look like when it comes to your home's roof? What are your short- and long-term plan's for the structure? Do you plan on keeping the structure for a long time or resellling? Do you want it to be as low maintenance as possible, or do you prefer to go a more economical route with a maintenance plan to upkeep regularly over time?

There are many things to consider, but the process doesn't need to be overwhelming! Let's discuss your project and brainstorm together.

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