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Interview with Ricardo, Co-Owner of Integrity Exterior Renovations

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Q: How did you get started in roofing?

Ricardo: I started in California back in 2011. In California, my focus was shingle roofing. Then I moved to Virginia to start my family in 2013. In Virginia, I continued to refine my roofing skills and was introduced to metal roofing. In the last several years, I worked in commercial roofing where I subcontracted with companies that work directly for the government. I've worked on hotels, fire stations, a military base, and countless residential properties.

Q: What made you decide to start Integrity Exterior Renovations?

Ricardo: I knew it was the right time to use my experience and skills to grow and lead teams of skilled roofing technicians, specifically to serve my local community in Loudoun County and the broader northern Virginia / DMV area. Now with my wife, Yesenia, working alongside me leading the administrative side of the business, it has become a cherished new family business.

Q: What makes Integrity Exterior Renovations different?

Ricardo: There are several differences.

  • One is we currently focus on local residential roofing, but we bring our broad experience in both residential and commercial roofing to every family/client, no matter what the project's scope.

  • Quality is always paramount. We do not cut corners on quality of materials or the steps necessary to install or repair a durable, high quality, aesthetically pleasing roof.

  • Integrity. Too many times, we've seen a lack of integrity from other roofing companies as far as pricing is concerned, cutting corners on material quality or installation measures, and just plain poor customer service and unclear communication. Without integrity, there is no trust. When people receive any roofing service from our teams, we want them to have had an incredible experience and enjoy a pristine, fair-priced, solid end result.

  • Insurance Coverage: We specialize in working with our client's insurance to help them get coverage for roof repair caused by storm damage.

Q: How did you get interested in roofing work?

Ricardo: I like challenges and risks. Roofing fits that description, as it requires an incredible amount of precision. That is why I have spent countless hours perfecting the skill. I've always been attracted to fixing things and making them look more aesthetically pleasing and organized.

Q: What is your favorite part of roofing work?

Ricardo: I love the feeling I get when a client is satisfied with mine or my team's work. I love seeing them happy with the finished results.

Q: What is your best advice for finding a contractor for home renovations or home repairs?

Ricardo: Make sure the person who is doing it is licensed and knowledgeable in that field. There have been many repairs and installations I've had to fix from previous contractors because of their lack of knowledge on how to perform the work properly. We always want the work to be performed correctly the first time!

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